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    Post by Jesse on Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:39 pm

    The Moderators of Rescue City will act as the policemen and the only form of justice. They will be required to keep up with current events and understand the rules of RCA. They will organize topics and clean up any unnecessary posts. They will also be required to deliver warnings accordingly.

    Moderators will be required to accomplish a set of tasks daily. Some of these tasks are as followed:

    I. Update recent and/or past duels. Awarding merits, recording wins, etc..
    II. Locking topics as needed. Any topic required to be locked/unlocked, please provide convincing reasoning.
    III. Dealing with Dueling affairs. Closing duels as well as awarding the correct amount of merits.
    VI. Handling of warnings. When giving warnings, Moderators, to be fair, when giving a warning/banning, Moderators must provide the rule of which they violated. This is to ensure no unfair decisions are made against of the members of RCA.
    V. Moving topics to the correct section.
    VI. Cleaning up any spam, foul language, etc. Moderators will be required to participate in a Weekly Patrol. This is required to see if they are doing their job. Those who refuse or "forget" will be removed from their Moderator rank. We will ensure you will be reminded 'bout this. Any who are not able or have not logged on, please contact Administration.

    Your job is to make this forum more enjoyable to the members by ridding it of garbage. Please use yours abilities correctly. If a Moderator is caught giving out harsh/unusual punishments; they will be removed.

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