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    Post by Jesse on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:18 am

    All posting games will be closed until the academy reaches 15-20 members.

    Some of you may be wondering the reason behind this. Well, I have noticed in many academies that these games are their only source of activity. All they do is post in these games which will lead the inactive topics. They then wonder why no one is posting in anything else. They let the games control their academy. I do not want these games to be the sole purpose of activity. So the maintain a healthy start, these games will not e open to the public until members swarm in.

    All games must be approved by me. If a game is posted without consent; it will be removed without question and a warning may be distributed. I really want to limit the use of these games to prevent people from flying through the top posters list with posts residing only in the games.

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