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    Rescue City Duel Academy New-User Guide

    Dueling System and Hamachi
    Dueling Network:
    Rescue City Dueling Academy uses DN (Dueling Network) system. This system is used for any type of competition. This system requires no download and can be played for free via your web browser.Click here to visit the dueling system.

    Hamachi is a program that enables us to communicate with each other easier. Hamachi is referred as "Ham" for short. If you don't have Hamachi, follow the installations instructions by clicking here.This software is completely free. Once installed, please join this net for testing:

    Ham Net:Rescue City Test
    Ham Password: rca

    To do anything in this forum, you will need to register first. To do so, scroll all the way up, and click on the "register" tab, which will direct you to a page where you will have to fill up a few things such as:
    For this, put your username that you would like to be referred as in the forum.
    You will then be asked for a password. Please keep your passwords 8-16 characters for safety reasons. The staff will not change your password if you've lost it. You'll have to find it through your e-mail. DO NOT SHARE THIS PASSWORD WITH ANYONE! You've been warned.
    Email Address:
    Then you will be asked for your e-mail address. Please put your real e-mail address, you will receive important notifications from the board.
    Here, you state the country you are currently living in. This is so that other members will have a better understanding of your background.
    After you fill up the page, you'll see the button, "Submit." Click it, and you'll be directed to another page.
    Password Confirmation
    The first thing they'll ask for in the second page is to rewrite your password. This is so that the system knows you didn't mistype the first time.
    This is where you will fill up the characters you see on the image. This is there to make sure that the forum knows you're not a bot.

    Editing your profile
    Adding an avatar and signature gives life to your profile. This will help the other members get a better understanding of your personality resulting in a higher rate of friendship. To edit your profile, click on the tab where you clicked the register button.
    This is like your account settings. Read each requirement carefully, and click "yes/no" to your liking. A common error that members always make is that you need to click, "YES" under "Display your Signature" because it is defaulted to "No."
    Every member is allowed to have up to 1 signature under their profile and 3 userbars. This is to keep our forum organized and clean from an abuse of images.
    You can upload an avatar directly from a PC or from a link. If you wish to put a render as your avatar, but when you put it, it shows a fractured background behind your render. To fix this, copy the image url of the render and paste it under "Link to off site url." This will make the render as your avatar. This is another common error that users make often.
    Introduce Yourself
    Finally, go to the forums tab, and click on the "introductions" section, which will direct you to a page full of previous introductions. Click "New topic" and create your own introduction. This is not required but doing so will bring you a higher chance of friends.

    Building Posts
    What's an academy without active members? Nothing. That's why we urge you to continuously post, without spamming. We need active members for our academy to rise to success. As long as your posts follow these rules.

    Asking for Help
    If you need any assistance, you can direct to the staff via private message or their office. Feel free to contact them in any way you can.

    Getting Started
    Finally, you need to get tested. After so, the tester will determine your rank, and the rank will be awarded by an Administrator. After so, you will need to create your own room in the dormitories section under "Academy." Then you will be free to do as you wish. Earn credits, posts, buy decks, signatures, etc.

    Good luck and Have fun!

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