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    RCA's Warning/Ban System

    RCA's Warning/Ban System Empty RCA's Warning/Ban System

    Post by Vinceh'! on Sat Jul 02, 2011 12:35 am

    In order to have some sort of structure, RCA will be using a warning system. This is to prevent matters from going out of hand. This applies to every member, staff included. It will consist of 5 warnings before one is banned.

    1st Warning: This will be your only "free" warning.
    2nd Warning: Their "RC" total will be reduced by 1/4.
    3rd Warning: Chatbox privileges will be restricted for 24 hours.
    4th Warning: A 7-day banning will occur. Special privileges will be taken away.
    5th Warning: On this offence; member(s) will be banned through IP.

    Please behave in this forum or else you will end up with warnings. Some violations will result in immediate banning.

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