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    RCA's Reputation System

    RCA's Reputation System Empty RCA's Reputation System

    Post by Vinceh'! on Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:27 pm

    On the top corner of each post made in DuelingNetwork forums, you will see a + and - symbol. These symbols correspond to our new reputation system!

    How it will work:
    If you have never used a reputation system, it is simple and easy to use. If you think a member of DuelingNetwork has made a post (or topic) of value to the forum, or you simply wish to thank someone for their contribution that they have made you may use the + reputation to show this. In reverse you may also decrease the reputation of members by clicking the - symbol for inappropriate or what you believe was an unnecessary post(s).


    This goes without warning. If you are caught abusing the reputation system by constantly voting against a member you will receive a temporary ban for your immaturity. Some safeguards have been set up to prevent this.
    1. You may only use the system if you have greater than 50 posts in DuelingNetwork forums.
    2. You may only cast up to 3 reputation votes per day. (Regardless what it may be you are voting for). There is a timer inbetween votes that will not allow you to make 2 votes within the span of 5 minutes

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