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    Post by Jesse on Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:46 am

    The testing process is not 'bout winning or losing. It is to determine if the duelist displayed the right skills to agree with the criteria. However, if one is able to snag a win, the chances of a better rank will be high.

    Testers will be allowed to duel the members as many times as they wish. If they feel you did not display mush skill due to bad draws, etc.; expect to duel again. Testers are allowed to use their own preference of rubrics. So make sure to read the requested Tester's rules thoroughly.

    We encourage the use of one's most comfortable attitude whilst in testing, but please try to play with a pleasant attitude. Tester's do not want to duel with cockiness, profanity, etc..
    Possible grade(s) to receive:
    (Poor, Average, Great, Excellent.)

    Deck Construction:
    Most well-rounded decks are played with cards ranging from 40-42. It is the most efficient builds one could utilize. The size helps speed up the deck thinning and helps seek the cards you want quicker. If the decks "purpose" is not achieved; it shows poor construction.
    Possible grade(s) to receive:
    (Poor, Average, Great, Excellent.)

    Ruling Comprehension:
    We ask that all members seeking a Entrance Examination to review your card rulings. This section will account for the decision of most member's ranks. Testers may even mis-play purposely to observe the awareness and knowledge of the duelist. Pay attention to every move made by the tester to avoid any mistakes.
    Possible grade(s) to receive:
    (Poor, Average, Great, Excellent.)

    Dueling Style and Techniques:
    The dueling style will be determined by the selection of the deck. Some decks rely on speed, some on spell and trap support. Testers should recognize the deck and should understand the style of the deck choice. If a deck is meant to play aggressively, it will be judged on it's aggression, based on speed, judged on speed, etc. The decks true intent should be accomplished or attempted. If the style is not shown, expect to be ranked low on this criteria. We understand "bad draws", that is why more than one duel will take place.
    Possible grade(s) to receive:
    (Poor, Average, Great, Excellent.)

    Which Hamachi Network should I join?
    If one is ready to begn testing, they must join one of the following networks:

    Hamachi Network: Rescue City Testing
    Password: rca

    Tester's choice of network may depending on the tester. Simply join the network that is offered by the tester.

    Tester offices will be found under "RCA Testers". Simply post within the desired tester's office to make an appointment. Wait patiently for tester's may be busy handling other matters. They will respond as soon as possible, so bear with. Do not complain 'bout your test. If the desired tester is not available, another tester will be appointed.

    With the choosing of a tester comes his own personal format to grade from. Some testers will judge based on their own preferences.
    Most testers will judge from a match of best 2 out of 3, however if a tester can not determine a rank based on the performances; the addition of duels will be made. The use of Banned Cards is strictly prohibited!. Testers have the ability to alter the rules for side-decking, and/or changing decks.

    Please do not whine 'bout your tester's decision. If one believes unfair judging has taken place, please contact Administration. Administration will decide on how to handle the decision. The tester will be contacted to clarify the situation. We ask the tester to take screen shots of any conflicts within a duel.

    Once you have been tested and ranked, please create a dorm room within the designated rank. This will enable your ability to duel for "SC", participate in tournaments and other competition-related subjects.

    On behalf of the RCA Staff, I wish you luck on your examination.

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