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    RCA: Rescue Point System/Dueling Format Empty RCA: Rescue Point System/Dueling Format

    Post by Jesse on Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:35 am

    DDA Dueling System!

    An ideal way to gain "Rescue Points" is to participate in duels.

    Posting the match results will make the duel "official". If members are seeking to earn "Rescue Points" through the means of a match, they must post the results and await for the other duelist to confirm. This will bring structure to the dueling system. Both players must agree to duel for "Rescue Points" in order to post. In order to manage a win, one must win a best 2/3 match.

    All matches must be posted in the following format:

    (Player "A") v.s. (Player "B")

    (Player "A" Rank) v.s. (Player "B" Rank)

    Duel Results: (2-0, 2-1, etc.)(My favor, His/Her favor, etc.)

    (Player "A's" Deck) v.s. (Player "B's "Deck)

    (Optional)Side Notes:



    Skarthy v.s. Tickle me Elmo

    Admin v.s. Admin

    Duel Results:
    2 - 0
    My favor.

    Quickdraw DandyWarrior v.s. Absolute Zero

    Side notes:
    Good games.

    Once the post has been made; one must await for the other duelist to confim. "RC" will not be awarded unless the opposing player confirms the duel was for "Rescue Points".

    Why must one confirm to the duel?
    One might ask one's self why is confirmatin needed? The reason we request confirmation is to make sure both players were willing to participate in the "Rescue Point" event. Without it, some might try to post non-existant results to a duel that never happened. They greedy purpose is to gain more "Recue Points". All members will recieve "Rescue Points" equally through dueling.

    Please do not insult the other duelist. Also, do not complain about your loss. That is why we require both players to agree before participating in a match.

    No one but the duelists and DDA Staff are allowed to post within the topic. If one posts in the topic, it will be immediately removed and consequences will be given according to the Staff member. This is to avoid spam and conflict.

    Members who duel the same person for another "Rescue Point" duel must post the results separately in a new topic.!

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